5 Ways To Save Your Skin After A Night Of Drinking

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Alcohol and your Glow:

Yes, alcohol dehydrates your skin and robs it of its vital nutrients and vitamins. Any excessive alcohol consumption on a regular basis can contribute to premature aging.

The best ways to counteract skin issues that result as a consequence of excess drinking, such as such as bloating, puffiness, large pores, and dullness is to eat food along with your drinking. This slows down the release of sugar. It’s also a great idea to have a glass of water in between drinks, serving the dual purpose of both hydrating and filling your stomach, thereby tricking your body into consuming less.

A general rule of thumb: the clearer the alcohol, the the better it is for your skin. (Stay away from all the sugary mixed drinks).

Some good things to do the day after to help with any side effects to your skin would be:

Get lots of sleep after drinking
Drink hydrating liquids such as coconut water
Eat healthy foods
Apply a hydration mask
Roll your face with a cold jade or rose quartz roller to promote lymph drainage and reduce puffiness.
Apply an extra hydrating serum or oil along with your moisturizer.

Different choices affect the skin in different ways:

Beer- contains sugar and some salt, can also contribute to face and tummy bloating.
White wine- not as healthy as red wine and contains more sugar which can also make you more hungry.
Red wine- has the powerful antioxidant resveratrol which is good for your skin and anti-aging. Red wine can accelerate the skin condition rosacea if you have it.
Vodka- no extra sugar and salt. Gets in and out of your system fast.
Tequila- can help lower blood sugar and lose weight.

Keep glowing!


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