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I have been intrigued with the "je ne sais quoi" beauty of the French Girl since I was in my early twenties studying French at La Sorbonne in Paris, France.

This is the Magical City where I discovered I loved all things French including their beauty rituals and facials.

I was just in Paris this past Christmas (getting engaged...sigh) and I am still in awe of the chic effortless natural beauty passed on by generations.

Here is a list of my favorite French Girl Tips I have learned over the years.

1. Facials are not for pampering. Facials are necessity. Regular facials begin at around 13 years old for young French Girls. Mothers bring their daughters in for monthly professional facials and skincare guidance. Most French women never miss their monthly facial.

2. They always wash their face at night and apply a moisturizer, serum or face oil to nourish overnight while they sleep.

3. They love face oils. They have been using them on their skin for centuries and love the way the oils filled with antioxidants and essential fatty acids moisturize their skin.

4. They believe great skin is your best accessory. They showcase it with minimal make-up and perhaps a bright red lip.

5. They are not afraid of cold water. They splash their face with cold water in the morning to stimulate circulation and run cold water on their breasts and the end of their shower for tightening and firming.

6. They enjoy the art of caring for their skin with spa like rituals at home. (it's almost like a fine dining experience) candles, long baths, soft music, facial masks and a glass of Bordeaux to relax.

7. They embrace their wrinkles. They feel they have earned them and still are attractive whatever their age. (I'm moving to France at 60)

8. Confidence is their ultimate weapon. Many American women have a standardized view of beauty, French women tend to celebrate their uniqueness. This leads them to live a confident life being comfortable in their own skin. C'est bien ca!

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