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Get the Hollywood Glow


Long before #wokeuplikethis was a thing, I always believed that the best gift that I could give my clients was the power to feel truly beautiful without wearing makeup. Over the past two decades as an esthetician, I’ve developed the techniques and formulas that achieve clear, healthy and radiant skin that doesn’t need to be covered up with foundation or concealers. And though I call this high-wattage skin the “Hollywood Glow,” it’s not just for celebrities and it’s much more than just a post-facial glow. This is the kind of lasting incandescence that Hollywood most often creates with special makeup and strategic lighting…but unlike some other things in Hollywood, there is nothing artificial about this kind of beauty. Forget the buzzwords like no-makeup makeup and airbrushed because barefaced beauty isn’t a trend, it’s a choice.


To me, it’s all about choice: Choosing to wear makeup when you want to instead of feeling that you have to hide behind it to face the world. Choosing to enhance what nature gave you with a bit of eyeliner or blush can make you look and feel more “awake.” French women have nailed this. And I can’t deny that there are certainly moments in life that call for wearing more makeup, like fluttery lashes on your wedding day or a statement lip on the red carpet. But whether it’s your everyday look or a special occasion, you simply can’t go wrong when you start with great skin as your canvas. After all, even the best makeup can’t rival the texture and vibrance of soft, dewy, real skin. So how do you transform a dull, lifeless, stressed or congested complexion into skin that’s clear and luminous?


It may seem like celebrities must share some special “beauty” gene that allows them to look ageless and flawless without makeup. I admit good genes can be a head start, but beautiful skin isn’t just for celebrities. I know anyone can have great skin, so I was driven to create my own natural, super-effective skincare line and make it available to everyone who wants the coveted Hollywood Glow. When used as part of an indulgent self-care regimen that includes healthy habits and monthly facials, my products can help reveal the kind of skin that you can’t wait to show off.


One of my favorite “barefaced beauty” role models is my friend and client, actress Minnie Driver. Minnie embodies the spirit of a woman who is confident, authentic, and unique…and just happens to be a celebrity. For any actress in her late-forties to be featured in People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People issue is cause for celebration, but for Minnie, it was also a celebration of natural beauty. And in this case, “natural beauty” didn’t mean barely-there makeup, it meant a Completely. Bare. Face. I don’t know too many women who would welcome the opportunity to show the entire magazine-reading world every inch of her face without a drop of makeup, but Minnie made it look easy. Her skincare secret weapon? Only the beautifying benefits of the Angela Caglia products that I used during her pre-photo shoot facial. And just in case the jaw-dropping perfection of Minnie’s skin raised any suspicion that she wasn’t totally bare, a People staffer wiped a tissue over her complexion to confirm that she was, in fact, makeup-free.


Inspired by Minnie, my hope for all women is that we learn to embrace our own unique beauty and features, without feeling that we have to use makeup to camouflage who we really are and blend in with the crowd. No one else is just like us, and that’s what makes each one of us special, with or without makeup, we are all beautiful. The choice is ours.


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