Why You Need Rose Quartz In Your Beauty Routine

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Angela Caglia The Rose Quartz Beauty Tool Collection


Selfie-Ready and Empress-Approved. Though healing crystals have been around since the beginning of time, they are hotter than ever before. Jewelry embellished with crystals may not be breaking news, but face rollers crafted of rose quartz crystals are at the top of everyone’s Insta-feed. Unlike some other of-the-moment beauty products, the face roller isn’t a passing trend – it’s actually a centuries-old Chinese skincare tool that originated during the Qing Dynasty. It’s believed that a Qing Empress relied on a face roller to keep her skin looking youthful; the healing properties of the stone were a bonus. Inspired by their legendary beauty status, I used face rollers on my clients for years along with my high-technology facials and was wowed by my clients’ reactions over this experience. Once I created my own skincare line, I knew that a rose quartz face roller would be the signature of my collection.


Simply Genius. The genius of the face roller lies in its simplicity, and today’s design is just as perfectly utilitarian as the original Chinese version: an oblong natural stone “roller” attached to a handle on a metal frame. The Angela Caglia La Vie En Rose Roller takes this beautifier up a notch, featuring lustrous rose gold, a longer roller suitable for face and body, and the aura-lifting power of real rose quartz, aka the “Love Stone,” which forms both the roller and the handle. The gorgeous milky-pink stone carries positive energy that’s believed to open the heart chakra and encourage feelings of relaxation, love and joy. I call it my self-love crystal -- What better way to elevate your at-home self-love ritual?


Beauty from the Inside Out. Besides the emotional and spiritual benefits, the face roller delivers visible skincare effects. Whether they are used at their naturally-cool temperature, stored in the fridge, or warmed for 30 seconds in hot water to open pores, face rollers remove under-eye puffiness, boost circulation, speed up cell turnover, lift contours, detox pores, and help with lymphatic drainage. I recommend using two rollers at once, like a two-handed massage, for the ultimate relaxation-meets-repairing treatment. My new favorite tip is to pair a roller with my bio cellulose sheet mask – simply use the roller over the mask to help your skin absorb the age-repairing serum and lock in long-lasting benefits. The result is a brighter, glowing complexion…the perfect match for your renewed sense of well-being.


The Powered-by-Rose Quartz Legacy. Thanks to the best-selling status of La Vie En Rose Roller, I’ve created a collection of rose quartz-powered beautifiers, and each one is designed for instant relaxation, instant results, and Insta-glam at its best:


Angela Caglia Rosebud Eye Treatment Set, or “Eye Buds,” to de-puff, improve elasticity, and revive lackluster skin in the eye contour area.


Limited Edition Handmade Rose Quartz Eye Mask, aka the “Self-Love Mask” by Angela Caglia, a first-of-its-kind pampering and rejuvenating eye mask comprised of interwoven real rose quartz crystals, for the ultimate at-home spa vibe. Like its sister rose quartz tools, the mask reduces puffiness, relaxes muscles, detoxes, and boosts circulation and cell turnover, but it doesn’t stop there -- this cooling, stress-relieving mask reduces sinus pressure while you absorb the crystal’s healing energy.


Trends may come and go, but rose quartz as an inner beauty-meets outer beauty powerhouse is here to stay. I’m constantly exploring new ways to incorporate it into the growing Angela Caglia at-home spa experience. Stay tuned!

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  • About to purchase the Angela Caglia La Vie En Rose Roller! Can’t wait to add this into my daily skincare/beauty regimen.

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