Skincare Tips for Teens

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I remember being a teenager and the shame I felt when I got pimples. I would try to hide them with powder or apply Queen Helene green clay mask to them overnight (see, I was spot treating with masks at 13 years old!). I would also apply drying and irritating benzoyl peroxide, which, of course, made them more inflamed and red. It was a huge deal. I felt very insecure and absolutely unattractive. Teens feel these types of feelings more than adults. As the mother of a 13 year old girl, I always try to place myself in her shoes when she sees a pimple erupting. Kids can be mean and often fear getting teased at school when there is an outbreak. It's NOT just vanity.

Here a few tips for young teens to start good habits and to care for their skin:

Cleanse: Wash face every evening: It's time to start this practice early. Many kids sweat during the day, touch their faces, play sports, and put cell phones against their jawline. It's important to begin a good cleaning ritual with your teen and make it just as important as brushing their teeth. Find them a cleanser that’s gentle and non-drying. Even drugstore brands like Burts Bees or Neutrogena.

Diet: If your teen is breaking out and drinking a lot of milk there may be a correlation, studies have found. Switch them to almond milk or another non dairy form. We are what we eat and keeping clean food snacks and healthy meals will help their skin stay clear.

No Picking: Teach them not to pick their pimples if they do have them: This will cause scarring and spread bacteria. Send them in for a teen facial (usually discounted) to have their extractions done professionally and receive guidance from a skin care professional. Many teens will listen more to an Esthetician than to their parents when it comes to skincare advice.

Sleep Time: Change their pillowcase more often. It's important to keep their face away from extra dirt or oils if they are breaking out. Also, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Products: Look for natural clay masks like Glamglow or pink sulfur based drying lotions like Mario Badescu. Also try my Angela Caglia Detox Serum I made to treat teen skin. It has tea tree oil, chlorophyll, sage and hylauronic acid. It's a gentle serum that naturally treats breakout skin while balancing it and keeping it glowing. Just ask my teenage daughter, she and all of her friends are obsessing over it. Well, that and their memes and Insta feeds...
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