The Beauty of Going Green

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For many people, what begins as a dedication to eating clean with an organic diet grows into a whole green lifestyle, from the cleaning products we use in our homes to our beauty routine. After all, if we’re being so careful about the ingredients we’re putting into our bodies, it only makes sense to be just as conscious of what we’re putting onto our skin.  We’re done buying skincare without reading the ingredient label and making sure we like what we see. This attitude shift follows in the footsteps of the epic changes in the way that our country eats – think of the buzzwords like “farm-to-table” and “eat local” that quickly became mainstream. Our new hyper-awareness of how each of our choices affects our health, our environment, and even our economy has sparked a revolution in the beauty industry: The Clean Beauty Movement.


While the clean beauty trend may have started quietly, with small, indie brands, this movement has already made significant changes in the beauty industry overall including the ways that larger companies do business. We’re holding companies accountable for what they use in their formulas, and how and where they’re sourced, and forcing brands to evolve with our new holistic view of beauty and wellness. Some changes are easy to see right on the label, like a brand’s emphasis on nontoxic ingredients, while other changes are behind-the-scenes, like their dedication to being cruelty-free or their efforts for sustainability. On an even larger scale, changes like new safety regulations help keep consumers informed and protected, and companies must adapt their products to keep up. On top of the health-related guidelines are environmental-focused changes like last year’s ban on the microbeads packed into everything from face wash to toothpaste.



Finally, women have been empowered to demand beauty products that are free of toxins yet are just as effective as their not-so-green counterparts, and that is an unquestionably industry-altering change. But I believe the best part of the clean beauty movement is not only consumer awareness, it’s also the explosion of different green skincare products to choose from and the growing number of niche beauty boutiques like CAP Beauty, Detox Market, and Credo. Not that long ago, the “all-natural” or organic beauty brands were mostly found in the dark corners of gift shops off the beaten path and contained in bottles that looked more like gothic remedies than glamorous skincare. Worse yet, many natural beauty products were considered either too boho to really be effective, or were just flat-out no fun to use. Let’s be honest -- it’s tough to choose the moisturizer that’s organic but is sticky and smells like straw over the cult-status crème that smells like the ocean and can make you look younger. This dilemma -- the choice between skincare that’s earth-friendly versus effective; clean versus innovative; and simple versus luxurious -- is what inspired me to create a truly unique skincare line that was all of these things and more.


As an esthetician for over twenty years, I knew what products gave the best anti-aging results and I certainly appreciated my clients’ love of a decadent, spa-like experience using ultra high-end brands. But, I also knew that I could find potent natural ingredients that, when blended together, could achieve the same or even better results without using toxins or sacrificing the uplifting aromas or sense of luxury offered by the best traditional brands. Several years and many formulas, tests and tweaks later, I have exceeded my expectations with a meticulously curated skincare collection that’s nontoxic, results-driven, indulgent and as cutting-edge as any of today’s cult-status beauty products. And, because I’ve always coveted vanity-worthy bottles and jars, I designed packaging that’s equally beautiful, with bottles and jars made of dark glass that prolongs the efficacy of the products and is safer for consumers than plastics that are linked to health concerns.


When you begin using Angela Caglia products, you’ll see that while their glamour is great, ingredients are everything. At its core, each product is as simple as its nature-made ingredients and as complex as the science behind their effect on our skin. Every ingredient is selected for its quality and safety as well as for its healing and anti-aging properties. A few of our star ingredients and what they achieve:



• Goat milk closely matches the pH level of human skin, which I believe is so important for effectiveness. It’s packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids making it a soothing moisturizer that softens skin and also brightens, thanks to its high vitamin A content. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective for treating acne as well as wrinkles, and even chronic conditions like eczema.



• Organic neem seed oil is an excellent moisturizer that’s perfect for all skin types, including oily skin. It’s antibacterial properties help attack bacteria that can cause acne, and it moisturizes without clogging pores. Like goat milk, neem seed oil is also full of essential fatty acids and vitamins, especially vitamin E. It helps heal damaged or stressed skin and combats signs of aging such as decreased elasticity.



• Meadowfoam seed oil is an anti-aging powerhouse suitable for all skin types and is especially helpful for mature skins. Like the other oils I’ve included in my formulas, this absorbs easily and locks in moisture without clogging pores or worsening oily skin. The magic lies in its high levels of antioxidants that fight free-radical damage that can show up as lines and wrinkles.

This is such an incredible time to be part of the beauty industry, as we grow our brands while helping consumers to be more informed, empowered, and healthier than ever before. Please leave us a comment to share your thoughts on the clean beauty movement!

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