Why You Need A Face Roller In Your Beauty Routine

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The Face Roller: Why You Need It In Your Beauty Routine


We’ve all been there: You’re getting ready for work and the evidence of a very late night is written all over your face (and eyes). So, as many of us do, you resort to the quick and easy spoon-in-the-freezer hack to temporarily de-puff the excess baggage beneath your eyes, in an attempt to look presentable. But what if you’d rather revive your look without using the same utensil that your kids use for cereal on your face? Luckily, there’s a better (and much more elegant) option, my La Vie En Rose Roller. Face rollers are changing the game for all of us night owls, and making our regrets of staying up late less regrettable.


As you may have noticed, the face roller is getting a lot of beauty buzz lately. And though it’s undeniably photogenic, it’s much more than an Insta-trend. It’s actually a time-honored beauty tool dating back to China centuries ago, and is something that I have been using in my facials for years. My clients love the way it feels on their skin, and the instant relaxation it brings. But it goes beyond relaxation -- the benefits of rolling range from helping with lymphatic drainage, blood stimulation, removing puffiness on the eyes, sculpting the cheekbones and jawline, speeding up cell turnover, and detoxifying the skin.


A face roller is super simple to use, but there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Use a clean roller on clean skin only. You don’t want makeup or dirt to be pushed into your pores.
  • Use it cold to tighten and rejuvenate skin. Because the stone is naturally cool, you can use it as-is, or keep it in the fridge for an extra refreshing effect. Roll upwards over the cheekbone area and jawline to tone and define the muscles as well as upwards on temples and brow bone to ease tension and stress. Roll outwards from both sides of the nose and lips to assist lymphatic drainage.
  • Use it warm to boost circulation and deepen the penetration of your products, including my Luxurious Face Oil. Put the roller in a bowl of warm water for just thirty seconds, as the stone adjusts to temperature rather quickly. Using it warm is a great way to push the potent yet lightweight oil deeper into the pores to enhance its age-defying benefits.
  • Think up and out when it comes to technique. Make sure that you do not move the roller down, inwards, or in back and forth motions on your face because that will cause pulling on the skin. The only exception is to roll downwards when using it on your neck because that will further promote lymphatic drainage from this area. If your skin becomes a bit flushed, it’s simply a sign that your blood flow is properly circulating. When used correctly, face rollers give the visible results of an immediate glow and improved elasticity, similar to the effects of a professional facial in the comfort of your on home.


So what is the lymphatic system, and what does it have to do with getting great skin? Here are the basics: The lymphatic system has an important function in our bodies, to control inflammation and activate tissue repair. Without proper lymphatic drainage, (which is a common problem), your lymphatic system can cause swelling in the face and neck as well as minor headaches. Lymphatic drainage massage, which is essentially what you’re doing when you use a face roller, helps with swelling, puffiness and headaches. Even better, you can use two rollers at the same time and achieve the perfect simulation of a spa or professional massage.


On top of all of the visible reasons to use a face roller, there are inner-beauty benefits as well. When designing my La Vie En Rose Roller, I knew that one of my favorite stones, rose quartz, would create the most luxurious and beautiful roller. Its exquisite pink color is just the beginning – rose quartz is known as the universal crystal of love and is believed to carry positive energy. As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s the perfect match for your beauty goals. Think of it as the stone version of cupid, known for amplifying current relationships and sparking new ones plus removing bad energy and stress. When you pair the spiritual benefits of rose quartz with the timeless technique of face rollers, you have a must-have for your everyday self-love ritual. Like each one of us, each specimen of rose quartz is original and unique, so the stones will slightly vary in appearance between rollers. Once you implement the loving energy of rose quartz into your skincare routine with my La Vie En Rose Roller, you’ll wonder how you glowed without it.


With these two youth-boosting discoveries in your beauty arsenal, you can create the experience of an Angela Caglia facial at home:


The same Rose Quartz Roller that my clients have raved about for years: 

 The elegant and efficacious Luxurious Face Oil


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