Souffle Moisturizer black jar with 24K gold logo, with lid, against a white background.
Detox Serum black bottle with 24K gold logo pump top against a white background.
Serum black bottle with 24K gold logo, with exposed glass dropper top.
 Cleansing Oil black bottle with exposed glass dropper filled with cleansing oil, white background.
Goddess facial kit with multiple products.
Rose quartz eye mask, vibrating roller, Gua Sha, pink sponge and 2 black bottle in open pink case.
Pro Facial Kit -- Online Exclusive -- Limited Edition
Round, oval roller, quartz mushrooms, vibrating roller, gua sha, white background.
Travel Size Angela Caglia Soufflé Moisturizer
Travel Size Daily Botanical Serum
Oval shaped rose quartz facial, InsStyle logo.
Vibrating rose quartz roller, vogue icon, white background.
Angela Caglia logo, white background.
3 individual sheet masks with Angela Caglia holding sides of her face on white.
Model wearing full face and neck rose quartz mask.
Rose quartz eye mask, vogue logo, white background.
Black obsidian eye mask with hand-sewn pieces, white background.
Full face rose quartz mask, white background.
Jade crystal green face mask, open eyes, nose and mouth, hand-sown crystals, white background.
Two rose quartz-looking mushrooms, pink rose quartz crystals, side by side, white background.
Knuckle shape rose quartz gua sha, white background.
Rose quartz bowl with seven inch diameter, white background.
White Silicone Mask Brush Head with pink handle with Angela Caglia logo, white background.
Pink microfiber facial sponge Angela Caglia label with gold Angela Caglia logo, white background.
Individual Sheet Mask pouch with a picture of founder Angela Caglia touching each side of her fac...
Light pink bathrobe, microfiber shell, satin piping, side pocket, Angela Caglia embroidered logo.
Gift card credit card image with Angela Caglia logo and pink bow
Pink cosmetic case, thee skin products, headband and sponge against white.