Angela Caglia Curated Collection

Angela's curated collection.
Open jar Souffle Moisturizer with Goat Milk
Rose Quartz Face Roller
Daily Botanical Serum with glass dropper.
3 individual sheet masks with Angela Caglia holding sides of her face on white.
Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller.
Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil black bottle with exposed glass dropper filled with cleansing oil, w...
Rose quartz eye mask.
Gold Cryo Facial Therapy
Two mushroom shaped rose quartz eye massagers.
rose quartz gua sha
Pink Silicone Spatula.
Pink microfiber facial sponge with Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil
Round Eye Rose Quartz Roller
Rose Quartz Face Mask.
Asian Model with headband holding moisturizer.
Rose Quartz Chest Piece
Rose quartz bowl eye mask and gold cryo.