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Rose Quartz Face Mask


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As featured in Allure Magazine

Give yourself a complete departure and envelop yourself in self-love and self-care with our handmade patent-pending Rose Quartz Goddess Mask®️. Designed by master esthetician Angela Caglia, this one-of-a-kind mask was inspired by the comfort of a weighted blanket and created to impart a sense of calm akin to the feeling of Angela's treatment room. Delicately crafted from more than 350 premium-grade rose quartz stones, our Rose Quartz Goddess Mask naturally cools as soon as the stones come in contact with your skin, providing the soothing effects of the gentle weight of the cold rose quartz crystals.  The Rose Quartz Goddess Mask is the perfect way to bring Angela’s famous Rose Quartz Goddess facial home.  

  • Helps diminish the appearance of dark circles and puffiness 
  • Great for meditation
  • Promotes inner peace

Handcrafted from the highest-grade Rose Quartz and ethically sourced in Brazil, our stones are hand-crystal cut and hand-polished. Known as the ‘Love Stone,’ Rose Quartz has been revered since ancient times as a potent talisman, promoting self-love, assuaging self-doubt and disappointment, and signifying beauty. Honoring the centuries-old traditional Chinese medicine practice of integrating stones like rose quartz into facial care, Angela Caglia’s premium-stone tool collection pays homage to the Chinese culture with thoughtful handmade creations. 

Appropriate for all skin types, especially acneic and reactive skin. 

Please note this item is non-returnable.

Directions for use: 

Place tissue on bridge of nose under mask to prevent temporary indents. Recline comfortably and lay over face for up to 10 minutes.  


 Apply my Goddess Face Mask while wearing Facial in a Mask®️ to help amplify actives and deliver serum deeply in the skin. It’s like a true mini-facial!– Angela Caglia 


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash gently with soap and water; Lay flat to dry. 

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