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Crystal LED Face Mask
FDA Cleared



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Introducing the Crystal LED Face Mask - A Revolutionary Skincare Experience!

  • As featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Town and Country, and The Zoe Report
  • Created by Global Skincare Expert Angela Caglia
  • Combines cutting-edge LED light therapy with real rose quartz crystals
  • FDA-cleared for anti-aging and anti-acne benefits
Experience the Power of LED Light Therapy with the Crystal LED Face Mask
  • The world's first crystal LED mask for holistic wellness
  • Patented design made of flexible medical-grade silicone
  • Travel-friendly and easy to use
  • Clinical studies have shown real results
Unlock the Benefits of LED Light Therapy with the Crystal LED Face Mask
  • Created by Celebrity Facialist Angela Caglia for professional results at home
  • Features both anti-aging red and anti-acne blue light therapy
  • Soothing energy from real rose quartz crystals
  • FDA cleared and clinically proven to improve skin tone, texture, firmness, and elasticity


    STEP 1
    • Before using your Angela Caglia's Crystal LED Light Therapy Mask, thoroughly cleanse the skin and make sure it is dry and free of any skincare products.
    STEP 2
    • Plug the mask into the rechargeable battery controller.....the other cord is for charging purposes only and is not to be used during operation of the mask itself.  PRESS DOWN firmly on the power button until you hear a beep and LED mask turns on.
    • Create your own self-care ritual. Here are a few: find a quiet, comfortable place and meditate with your mask on; watch your favorite show; use while traveling; multitask while doing household chores; sip your favorite beverage; unwind with it before bed.
    STEP 4
    • Place your Angela Caglia Crystal LED Mask on your face and secure Velcro strap for a comfortable and snug fit. You should be able to walk around with the mask on with just the controller unit in you hand or pocket and no other cords attached to the bottom of the controller/battery.
    • The treatment will automatically shut off after 10 minutes. We recommend using 3-5 times a week. Set controller for desired treatment wavelength, red for anti-aging and blue for anti-acne.
    STEP 5
    • After the LED light therapy treatment mask is complete, enjoy a few moments to exhale and relax. Then apply your favorite Angela Caglia Serums and Angela Caglia Soufflé Moisturizer in upward massage movements on your face, neck and décolleté to further increase the anti-aging benefits of led light.


    See Results Below From Clinical Testing of Red Light and Blue Light


    95% of participants said skin tone, texture, firmness and elasticity improved.

    91% of participants saw brighter skin tone.

    82% of participants saw improved skin smoothness.

    81% of participants saw improvements in periorbital wrinkles (around the eyes)

    *Results based on a study of 119 participants over the course of 12 weeks.


    89% of participants said lesion count reduced after 8 weeks.

    77% of participants said improves mild to moderate acne.

    "Creating a mask like this is a love letter to women everywhere. I wanted the mask to look comfortable and wearable – not like a Power Ranger. I wanted it to be feminine and beautiful with real Rose Quartz Crystals that brought a sense of calm while using it. We have a patent-pending technology of combining both therapies and bringing old world to new world in combining and charging the crystals with LED light therapy. The experience is so beautiful that women will want to use their masks more, which means better results with consistency."  -- Celebrity Esthetician Angela Caglia


    Known as the “love stone,” the rosy-hued rose quartz crystal has been treasured for thousands of years. It might not be an exaggeration to claim that the stone has been valued since the dawn of time – crafted jewelry from the crystal was found in the remains of Ancient Mesopotamia dating back to 7000 BCE.

    The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians hailed the magical powers of the stone, celebrating it through myth and ritual. It was believed by the Greeks to imbue its owner with a sense of love and by the Egyptians to ward off aging. The Romans claimed that it was the crystal of Venus, the goddess of love.

    There are no formal studies to prove the efficacy of rose quartz in medicine. However, overwhelming anecdotal evidence suggests at least some truth to the weighty claims surrounding it. Throughout centuries of human history, the stone has consistently held claim to a host of healing benefits, both physical and emotional.


    1. Soft, flexible medical-grade silicone LED light therapy mask
    2. 132 total RED Light anti-aging and BLUE Light anti-acne LED
    3. Dual Wavelengths: 630nm anti-aging RED light and 465nm anti-acne BLUE light treatment wavelengths
    4. Feminine design
    5. Controller
    6. Power supply and country-specific adaptors
    7. USB C to USB A connector
    8. Head straps
    9. Travel pouch
    10. Protective goggles
    11. User Manual
    12. Output Specs: 30mW/cm2
    13. Treatment Dose Specs: 18J/cm2
    14. Recommended total dose: 540J/cm2 (5 times per week, 6 weeks)



    After the led light treatment is complete, remove the mask and wipe clean with a gentle cleansing wipe or a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Store in a clean, dry place, or travel pouch.

    According to Harper's Bazaar:

    Supremely light and comfortable, it's one you'll look forward to using each evening. 

    According to The Zoe Report: 

    This portable LED mask marries holistic practices with science-backed technology. It utilizes FDA-approved red and blue light wavelengths to clinically treat your skin with regular use. If you’re searching for an LED face mask, this is one of the most comfortable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing options on the market right now.

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    This is a medical-grade anti-aging plus anti-acne at-home facial treatment for about a dollar a day.