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Skin Care Basics | Why Choose Natural?

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It’s easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding beauty products. On social media, dozens of skincare enthusiasts zealously share their AM and PM routines. Brand after brand publish campaigns promising their line to be the key to the fountain of youth. The result: cluttered bathrooms, empty wallets, and irritated skin. The booming beauty market encourages maximalism as marketing campaigns push new creams you just can’t live without, but collecting skincare can cause just as much stress on your face as it does to your wallet.  

Here’s the truth: having 12+ different products in your routine does not enhance your skin. In fact, it will probably do more harm than good; the potential for using reactive ingredients or for over-exfoliation threatens long-term damage to your lipid barrier. It’s easy to accidentally mix products that, when used together, can throw the skin off balance. A little-discussed beauty secret is simply this: less is more. It’s safer to be more selective with your products.

The answer is to stay within one skincare line – although it’s tempting to pick out all of the new “wonder products” from the latest fashionable brands, cherry-picking your own routine can leave your skin overworked. It is well-known to many skincare lovers that many ingredients do not react well with each other. This applies on a more fine-tuned scale, as well; at Angela Caglia, for example, the ingredients in our products are meticulously selected to enhance each other when used together.

How to choose a brand – Peruse the products on your shelf and think about your go-to, the one that truly makes you feel beautiful. For many, that’s the first or only step towards finding a line to stick by. For those of us who don’t necessarily have their hands on that miracle product yet, it’s important to do some research beforehand. Think about not only what ingredients are in a line, but also who makes it. Consider the mission of the brand, whether or not it is clean, sustainable, ethical, and if it is created by founders who truly believe in what they do.

At Angela Caglia, we take pride in every element of our skincare line. Every product is created to work synergistically with the others. Each ingredient is responsibly sourced and thoughtfully curated. We use sustainable practices down to our bottles, crafted from recyclable Miron glass. As a line, we want to make the perfect products that work harmoniously for the best skin possible. We want our people to glow from the inside-out.


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