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Top 5 Tips for Gorgeous Holiday Skin

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Tip #1: Get Your Beauty Sleep.

Model in bed getting beauty sleep.

We can't emphasize this tip enough, especially now, the confluence of daylight savings ending, the drumbeat of 'recession' and 'violence' oversaturating our electronic devices, the tendency to drink and eat more (more on that later), the holiday blues, mass layoffs affecting multiple industries, all potential culprits to disrupt sleep, which, in turn, disrupt all sorts of physiological functions. Lack of sleep negatively impacts your skin as well as your mind and other bodily functions.

Tip #2: Try a New Skincare Treatment

Model wearing Crystal LED Face Mask.

We're firm believers in trying new things, in general, and especially so with trying a new skincare treatment over the holidays. With newness comes hope and what better time of the year then when darkness gives way to light. Speaking of light, now is actually the ideal time to add LED light into your skincare routine. Not only does light positively impact mood, but LED in particular, actually improves skin tone and elasticity. In fact, NASA developed LED (light emitting diodes) to help heal astronauts' wounds in space. Our version, developed and patented by Celebrity Esthetician Angela Caglia combines the efficacy of RED for anti-aging and BLUE for anti-acne, with the holistic and effervescent energy of rose quartz crystals. This one is a must try, especially during these darker winter months.

Tip #3 & #4: Avoid the salt and drink water!

Model drinking water.

This one may seen obvious but it always bears repeating over the holidays, between the massive calorie overload meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the random other holiday friends and family get togethers, it's almost impossible to avoid. That said, here are a few tips. Drink water before leaving the house to attend any event where you know lots of food and alcohol will be offered. Filling up your stomach with water will decrease the odds you will fill up on salt, processed foods, and excess calories in general. Also try to practice mindful eating and drinking which essential means to pay hyper attention to what you're putting in your mouth and taking the time to activate all of your senses while doing it. Smell, taste, chew, look, feel, use all of these senses simultaneously. It's much harder to overindulge when paying attention with all five senses.


Tip #5: A Day of Pampering

Model waking up in bed.

Let's start with the most cost effective ways to pamper yourself, starting when you first wake up. Take a moment to note 3 things you are grateful for. Anything that pops into your head works, there's no wrong answer. The idea being we so often forget to give thanks. As challenging as life can be, especially during the holidays, there is always something else to focus on that doesn't subtract but rather adds.


Takeaway: These five simple things can have a big impact on your skin during the holidays.

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