Bridal Beauty Countdown: Celebrity Esthetician Angela Caglia's Own Hollywood Guide

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 When your brand and reputation have been built on giving the Hollywood Elite their Hollywood Glow, you know how to make others shine in the spotlight. But what’s it like for a celebrity esthetician to be the one in the spotlight on her own wedding day? Here, green beauty guru and bride-to-be Angela Caglia spills her A-List secrets for getting your skin ready for the Big Day.

It turns out that a bride walking down the aisle is a lot like a celebrity walking the red carpet. Angela’s expertise with helping other women look their best for milestone events inspired the beauty prep routine she has followed during the months leading up to her wedding in Paris.

Read on for Angela Caglia’s Bridal Beauty Countdown:


  • 2 months before the wedding…
    • Pilates three times a week is a priority no matter how busy my schedule gets. It’s super-effective not only for toning, but also for overall stress-relief and wellbeing, which is especially important when planning a wedding.
    • I drink freshly-made green juice every day, feeding my skin the clean nutrients it craves. It’s the secret to glowing skin from the inside out!
  • 4 Weeks before the wedding…
    • I do a weekly self—session with my own high-performance equipment, including radio frequency, LED light and micro-current treatments, which leaves my skin looking firmer, lifted and luminous.
    • Every 2 weeks, I do a peel containing 30 percent lactic acid to reveal a fresh, radiant complexion. I’ll even do a quick peel right before the flight to Paris so I’ll arrive with brighter, baby-soft skin.
  • Every day…
    • My La Vie En Rose Face Roller has become a part of my everyday routine – I’ll even bring it on the flight with me to make sure I don’t miss an opportunity to take in the uplifting energy of rose quartz plus its beautifying benefits, like boosting circulation, helping fluid drainage, improving elasticity, and speeding up cell turnover for skin that looks and feels bouncy and youthful…and without a trace of jet lag!
  • In-Flight…
    • The perfect partner for the face roller is my Power Cleansing Balm, applied as a thick, ultra-luxe hydrator during the flight. Infused with skin-perfecting natural ingredients including meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter, and rose geranium, the balm softens, plumps, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and locks in a layer of long-lasting moisture.


So, whether you have months, weeks, or just days to spend on bridal beauty prep, take a page out of the “Hollywood Glow Girl’s” playbook and start counting down to beautiful, flawless skin for your wedding day and beyond. Enjoy the spotlight!

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