Chic. Sustainable. Clean.

Down to the details!

A commitment to clean luxury

Chic. Sustainable. Clean.

Yes, it’s what’s inside that counts! However, at Angela Caglia Skincare, we believe that CLEAN is the future of skincare and we take pride in providing you with the finest skincare has to offer, down to the smallest detail.
Imported European Black/Violet Glass

Naturally protects from UV light

Naturally keeps the shelf life longer

Naturally keeps stable longer

Naturally upcycle and re-use your jar  

 FSC – Forest Stewardship Council Cartons

Made from partially recycled paper

Trees grown using sustainable forest practices

Environmental, social and economic benefits

18K Gold Printing

A little luxury in your everyday

Shines bright to brighten your day

Stay golden. Stay glowing!


Upcyle Your Glass

House a succulent or start sprouting

Small succulents and air plants require little water and fit perfectly in our Angela Caglia jars.

Candle Holder

Create a warm glow and use your empty Angela Caglia jars as a votive candle holder.