Rose Quartz - Skincare and Healing Benefits

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Rose Quartz Skincare Benefits

Known as the “love stone,” the rosy-hued rose quartz crystal has been treasured for thousands of years. It might not be an exaggeration to claim that the stone has been valued since the dawn of time – crafted jewelry from the crystal was found in the remains of Ancient Mesopotamia dating back to 7000 BCE. The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians hailed the magical powers of the stone, celebrating it through myth and ritual. It was believed by the Greeks to imbue its owner with a sense of love and by the Egyptians to ward off aging. The Romans claimed that it was the crystal of Venus, the goddess of love.

There are no formal studies to prove the efficacy of rose quartz in medicine. However, overwhelming anecdotal evidence suggests at least some truth to the weighty claims surrounding it. Throughout centuries of human history, the stone has consistently held claim to a host of healing benefits, both physical and emotional.

Rose Quartz Relaxing Benefits Skincare

Rose Quartz and Emotional Health

Rose quartz is known to open the heart to all forms of love – towards the self, a romantic partner, friends and family. In feng shui, the stone is known to radiate feminine as well as loving energy. Like thousands before them, many uphold feng shui practices by keeping rose quartz with them at all times for balanced, loving energy. In medicinal practices such as Reiki, it is used to purify and renew the heart chakra.

Your fourth chakra, according to the Hindu Yogic and Buddhist Tantra tradition, holds the key to your emotional health; aligning our sense of self-love frees all other chakras. A freed heart chakra releases your capacity for universal love. Towards the self, this can manifest in a heightened self-esteem. It can speed up the emotional healing process from trauma, freeing yourself from negative emotions in a process known as “unblocking” the heart chakra. The healing energy of the rose quartz crystal can open you up to others, giving and attracting love to all those around you. The gentle stone replaces sadness, stress, and fear with renewed freedom, openness, and compassion. 

Many in the ayurvedic tradition claim that the use of rose quartz aids the depth and significance of meditation practices spiritually as well. The presence of the gentle, compassion-radiating crystal alone can help guide you to heal, find harmony, and cultivate inner peace.


Rose Quartz Skincare Benefits Healing

Rose Quartz Skincare Benefits

Physically, rose quartz increases blood circulation and steadies the heart rate, and its cooling, heavy sensation encourages meditation. This alone benefits your skin, as your stress rate directly impacts your largest organ. Aligning yourself with positive energy is the easiest way to obtain a glowing, youthful complexion. 

It also physically works to improve the external appearance of your skin. The stone stays extremely cold, which helps to reduce puffiness, redness, and fine lines. Continued practice of  rose quartz facial massages can produce visible anti-aging effects, firming the skin and improving its elasticity.

A rose quartz face roller is beneficial both alone and in conjunction with other skincare products. It is much more effective than your fingertips in the penetration and efficacy of the ingredients in your products.


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