The Rose Quartz Beauty Tool Collection


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The Powered-by-Rose Quartz Legacy. Thanks to the best-selling status of La Vie En Rose Roller, I’ve created a collection of rose quartz-powered beautifiers, and each one is designed for instant relaxation, instant results, and Insta-glam at its best:


Angela Caglia Rosebud Eye Treatment Set, or “Eye Buds,” to de-puff, improve elasticity, and revive lackluster skin in the eye contour area.


Limited Edition Handmade Rose Quartz Eye Mask, aka the “Self-Love Mask” by Angela Caglia, a first-of-its-kind pampering and rejuvenating eye mask comprised of interwoven real rose quartz crystals, for the ultimate at-home spa vibe. Like its sister rose quartz tools, the mask reduces puffiness, relaxes muscles, detoxes, and boosts circulation and cell turnover, but it doesn’t stop there -- this cooling, stress-relieving mask reduces sinus pressure while you absorb the crystal’s healing energy.


Trends may come and go, but rose quartz as an inner beauty-meets outer beauty powerhouse is here to stay. I’m constantly exploring new ways to incorporate it into the growing Angela Caglia at-home spa experience.